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Blind Typing

Blind Typing, sometimes called touch typing, is an important skill to learn, especially if you have, or are thinking of setting up an online business because the more accurately and faster you can type the more time you have to concentrate on other tasks to make more money. Continue reading

8 Good PPC programs that are not Google AdSense

These days there are various PPC programs which offer different pay per click rate to publishers.

On the top of the list is the Google AdSense which is one of the most renowned PPC program. However, I am not going to discuss it here because so much has been discussed already about this PPC program. The following are few programs which are somehow similar to Google AdSense but also provide better earning options.

Even though all PPC programs are somewhat similar to some extent, however, there are few general rules for every PPC programs which should be in the mind of every publisher. First rule is the authenticity of the program and then its payout method and minimum payout rate. Most programs have somewhat similar per click rate so every publisher should check the genuineness before joining any PPC program.

1. is a good PPC website which has almost all features that a good PPC program should offer. Clicksor provides multiple earning options for the publisher. The publisher can use either one or all earning options to monetize webpage or blog. The pay rate  is $0.035. Clicksor offers multiple options for payouts like Paypal, an online bank transfer and even cheques as well. There were many people who used this program and they were quite happy with the outcome.

Getting started with Cliksor is very easy. It has plugin blogger, wordpress, joomla and drupal which make it very convenient for many publishers.

2. is a famous PPC website which offers a good pay per click earning. They have a system which has a large number of top quality websites, and also provides PPC services to the publishers. PPC promotion is an easy way to handle internet promotion because promoters only pay when their ad is visited and that is why many companies prefer this method of advertising because it is cheaper as well.

The average per click on is $0.025 per click and any publisher can affiliate with this program. Many publishers from around the globe take advantage from this particular web portal and get good earnings. There are many reviews available about this website and most of them are in favor of this PPC portal.

3. is a good PPC program in terms of per average click rate. This program offers $0.030 which is higher than many programs of similar nature. There are many positive reviews about this program available on web and for many, it is a very ‘promising’ program.

From above-mentioned programs, looks promising and it offers a good pay rate. Furthermore, it also offers a low minimum payout which makes a publisher withdraw earnings quickly.


Bidvertiser,com has a quick and simple to use way for marketers of all sizes to show inconspicuous ads on their website and generate income. This method is free and Bidvertiser will pay you for legitimate per click ads on your site. You simply insert an HTML code into your web pages and ads will immediately start showing. Promoters will bid against each other for your ad area, while 3rd generation bidding-based ad providing system will always show the highest visitors those that will generate the maximum revenue for publishers.

Once the publisher has created an account then the publisher will be offered with a few lines of HTML code to insert onto website. Once the publisher pastes the HTML code on a web page, ads will immediately begin showing and the Bidvertiser system will regularly use the sophisticated system on website to increase publisher income. 

Bidvertiser gives the publisher liberty to use multiple websites for earning. Furthermore, bidvertiser offers multiple options for payout. The publisher can either use paypal or check to withdraw an earning after every calendar month. This particular program offers a minimum of $10 payout and if a publisher doesn’t have a minimum payment into his publisher account, then the outstanding balance will be transferred to next month’s income automatically.

5. is a unique pay per click program which can be used alongside other pay per click program as well. This particular PPC program occupies literally zero percent of your web page space and works very well for those people who already use any other PPC program.

The working methodology of Exit Junction is simple yet very effective. It emphasizes on bounce traffic and recent surveys show that more than 60 percent web surfers bounced back to the search engines from web pages. Exit Junction redirects to the ad page whenever a person tries to reach at the source search engine after visiting the web page. Therefore, this program clearly monetizes the exit traffic of the publisher.

The payment procedure is very friendly and a publisher can choose a payment option from multiple options available like wire, paypal and cheque. I like this program because it provides a better user experience for the visitor due to ads invisibility because some web visitors instantly get irritated due to excessive ads. Numerous reviews of this particular program show that many publishers of Exit Junction are happy with its payout period and pay rates.

6. is an organization that allows you use the ad prevents (search focused Ads) method that display various reviews of products. Their system will pay you every time these ads are visited by your guests, providing you 60% of the income produced from their promoters

Chitika ads work for most publishers which belong from different parts of the planet like USA, UK, Canada, India, Denmark, Germany, etc. Even though there are numerous features of this particular PPC program, one thing which amazed many people is its openness towards hacking content. Chitika accepts hacking content and works with it. Thus, there is a huge opportunity for those people who have hacking content because they can use this particular PPC program on their blog or webpage.

Chitika is one of the few companies which can be used with Google AdSense. So if someone is already using Google AdSense, then he can still monetize his blog or webpage with another PPC program as well.

Chitika is also compatible with mobile which increases its visibility to mobile users. Chitika provides numerous pay out options like paypal or cheque. The minimum payout amount is very low which is $10 for paypal and $50 for cheque.


If you are looking for a perfect PPC portal then is the perfect place for you. It is a network of various PPC websites that provides  huge PPC links to the publishers. Some of these websites are really good and offer very good earning options.

Most websites in the network provide numerous payout options for the publishers and they can use cheques, online bank transfer and paypal with other renowned payment methods for payout.

Maybe one of the best


My Favorites PPC Program

Even though most of above programs are suitable for most publishers, however, few PPC programs like and are more advisable.

There are few reasons for choosing these two programs. First and foremost, it is important to have good pay rates. Another promising feature of these two programs is its minimum balance requirement for payouts. Furthermore, clicksor and bidvertiser can be used along with other PPC programs like AdSense. Even though a publisher prefers AdSense, recently, many other PPC programs were introduced and some of them are really promising like bidvertiser and clicksor.