Blind Typing

Blind Typing, sometimes called touch typing, is an important skill to learn, especially if you have, or are thinking of setting up an online business because the more accurately and faster you can type the more time you have to concentrate on other tasks to make more money.

In this article I will look at five sites that can teach you how to blind type, and cut through the mystery to find which one would best suit an online entrepreneur.

I have chosen the following five sites to review based on ease of use, multiple language availability but most importantly they are 100% online i.e. you don’t need to download anything to your own computer.

typingstudy is probably the most thorough site with the best user interface. The exercises are simple and easy to follow with a very clever mock keyboard below the text area. Learners will tell you that the hardest thing to do when you are starting off is to take your eyes off the keyboard and this feature has a very helpful way to avoid this. What makes this site impressive though are the added extras that other sites don’t have. In addition to the exercises, there are games to help you learn and there is also a separate speed test.

typingclub is another very good site and in some ways superior to typingstudy. The biggest drawback however is the amount of lessons you have to complete to become competent which is 100 as opposed to 20 lessons on the previous site. It still has an excellent user interface whereas typingstudy has a full keyboard, this site only has ghost hands which show you which fingers you should be using. The summary for your lesson on this site include instant feedback on Speed, Accuracy and time taken to complete the lesson, which is very impressive.


typingtutor-online is a good site only with the major annoyance of it having far too many ads in all the wrong places. The user interface looks amateurish but it still has the helpful typing aids such as the fingers and keyboard. The results are provided immediately however it gets lost in between the online games and the confusing google ads. However, once you get started, the quality of lessons matches those of the previous sites.

Typeonline and snopo

the final two sites are, less than impressive:

typeonline is confusing at best with more instructions than necessary requiring you to scroll well down the page in order to complete reading them. There are only 10 lessons but each lesson has 50 exercises making this an average length, however, the lessons themselves are quite short so the amount of practice is minimal.

snopi is a very basic site that provides a simple interface which has a keyboard to help with your finger location but has over 110 exercises which contain most of any of the sites reviewed. The lessons are repetitive and slightly confusing; they ask you to type in lower case but they display it in uppercase. These two sites provide a basic and good grounding; however you would do better to select one of the first three sites as you learn blind typing.

The Last Word

There are plenty more sites out there, just google “Blind Typing” and it will lead you to about 10,500,000 results. Law of averages say that some will be better and some worse than those discussed here, but if you are an online mogul, my suggestion is to learn how to type online. It may take some of your time now, but eventually, you will reap the benefits and your online business will be way better.