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8 Good CPM programs (Also for new websites)

CPM or cost per impression are a monetization program which is somewhat similar to PPC or pay per click, but they are different. In PPC, the publisher can earn the same earnings with two or three clicks whereas in CPM program, it can be earned with thousands of impressions. Even though many publishers prefer PPC, there are still a large number of publishers which prefer CPM over PPC for various reasons. Cost per impression are best for those publishers who get a large number of traffic on a daily basis. The best thing with CPM is that the publisher doesn’t have to worry about sales or ad clicked.

Generally, in CPM program, graphical banner or ad box are provided to publisher which publishes this banner or graphic ad on his blog or webpage. CPM programs are advisable for those publishers who receive a large number of unique traffic on a daily basis. On the other side, some people prefer PPC but majority of such people get limited and targeted traffic which is why they prefer pay per click advertising. However, there are some publishers who get very limited traffic in a day, but who are still interested to monetize their webpage or blog through a CPM program.

Many people are unsure which CPM program is best for their website or blog. The following are 8 CPM networks which provide good earning opportunities to the publishers:

1. Valueclickmedia

Valueclickmedia is a great platform for those CPM publishers that get limited click. This site usually accepts most websites with a limited number of visitors each day. However, this website doesn’t accept forums most of the time. If you get a quality forum which displays quality content, then you should go for This web platform also gets a minimum requirement which includes a minimum of 3000 visits per month. Furthermore, this CPM platform only supports those websites and blogs which have content in English language only.

2. Popads is another fine site for those publishers that have low number of visitors. They say that they have very liberal terms and most of the websites and blogs are accepted on this website. However, if you don’t like popup ads, then this is not the cost per impression network for you. Apart from the popup ads, this CPM network  offers tremendous earning opportunities. The lowest minimum payout, multiple payment withdrawal methods and high quality service make it a prime CPM network for the low traffic websites. 

3. Tribalfusion

Tribalfusion is one of the few highest paying CPM websites these days. If a person gets thousands and thousands of unique visitors per month then this particular CPM program is best for him. The first and foremost important thing for tribunalfusion is its highest paying rates which makes it a viable option for higher visited blogs and websites. However, there are a few requirements of tribalfusion which must be fulfilled in order to be part of Tribalfusion family. For instance, a publisher must receive more than 500,000 unique visitors every month to be part of this network. Furthermore, a blog or website should be updated regularly with high quality and relevant content.

4. Advertising

Like most CPM networks, is another CPM network for high visited blogs and websites. warmly welcomes those publishers that have a large number of regular visitors who landed on their blogs or web pages. Even though there are numerous CPM networks available, provides more opportunities to the publishers by offering more pay on lower impressions. This way, publishers can relatively earn more than other major CPM networks. This CPM network is one of the 1st tier advertising companies in the USA which is the reason why many publishers from USA and Canada prefer it.

5. Technoratimedia is one of the largest social media advertising networks on the web. Many of the 1st tier brands are advertised on this network and that is why they offer the highest per CPM rates to the publishers. Organizations like Google, IGN, MSN and CNET, etc are included in client lists which makes visitors familiar with the brands advertised on the website. There are dozens of positive reviews of technoratimedia available which furnish positive picture of this CPM program.  About the earnings, though the company sometimes offers $2 per CPM but on average, the rate stays around  $0.4 per CPM which is relatively good.

6. Cpxinteractive is considered one of the top US advertising agencies on the internet. It delivers more than 60 billion impression per month to more than 60 countries around the globe. If your blog gets a large number of unique visitors every month, then Cpxinteractive is the right place for you. Cpxinteractive requires more than 300,000 impressions per month from a publisher in order to get accepted for Cpxinteractive publisher account. Cpxinteractive not only provides several analytical tools to publishers, but it also offers good customer support as well. Cpxinteractive offers very reasonable rates for the publishers which ranges from $0.15 per CPM to $0.20 per CPM. This CPM provides multiple payout options which include paypal and cheque.

7. Casalemedia ranks number 9 in CPM ad platforms around the globe which provides the better understanding of this advertising company. Casalemedia offers a lot of opportunities for the publishers to grow and earn. Even though a lot depends on the niche and content of the publisher,  Casalemedia provides ample opportunities to the publisher. Usually, the pay rates are quite good, the eCPM varies from $0.40 to $0.70. Furthermore, this advertising company provides freedom to withdraw earnings through major sources like Paypal.

8. Popads is a network with a high turnover of eCPM. This advertising network provides sufficient opportunities for publishers to earn. The good thing about popads is minimum payout amount which is very nominal. The payment cycle is daily and the pay rate is also very good. The payment procedure is also very easy and popads offer to pay via Paypal and Alertpay Wire to the publishers.

My favorite CMP programs

Even though most of the above CPM networks provide good earning opportunities to publishers,  CPM networks like tribalfusion and technoratimedia are on the top of the list. These two advertising companies have very competitive pay rates and if a publisher gets thousand and thousand impressions in a month, then that publisher should try tribalfusion and technoratimedia.

However, if a publisher doesn’t get much visitor on his/her website, then there is no better website than valueclickmedia. This particular CPM network accommodates low traffic websites and provides good earning opportunities from its multiple programs.

iWriter Manual – Buy Cheap Article

What is iWriter?

iWriter is a web content online repository where anyone can buy articles from the site or serve as a freelance writer. It does not require much prerequisite for one to buy articles from the site. The great thing about this exquisite site is that you can buy cheap contents from it for as low as $1.25.All that is required of you is to post your job and wait for a minimum of 2 hours turnaround time before you can get a complete job from prolific writers.

What Content to Get

The appealing fact about the site is that you can get any cheap content from it. The site is equipped with thousands of freelance writers who have abundant knowledge from different niches.

For example, you can post a job about health, art, business, freelance and any other topic. You are the sole decision maker who will determine if you are satisfied with the content or not. If not, you can reject the job you posted and not pay the writer and then re-post it for another person to undertake.

How to Post a Job

All that is required of you to get cheap articles is to have a computer connected to the internet. You need to visit the link and sign up as a contractor not a writer.

Sign up from the link labeled “Get Content”.

The site is easy to use as it does not require much credentials before you can be verified.

You just need names, email, username and password.

In order to get the job done, you need to have some funds to your account which can then be used to pay for the cheap article that will have been written for you.

Funds are added via the $0 sign symbol link that is on the top left side of the home page of the iWriter site.

Thereafter, you click on the link “Get Content” again and fill some data about the job you want to get done. Here, you enter information such as project type, word count, cost, special instructions and submit it for writers to attempt to it. In case you have a special writer to assign the task, you can enter his/her username so as to send it as a special request. You will then have a minimum of 2 hours before you get your cheap content done.

What to Do After Getting the Content

After the job has been returned to you, you will then have to approve and ask for a review to be done or reject it. This will depend on whether you liked or disliked the content. Don’t forget that if you are not pleased with the job done, you will not be charged any amount. If the writer has sent you spam content, you can report them by clicking the “report as spam” link. You can also rate the writer with a star of between 1 to 5 depending on his/her prowess. Always remember to rate a 5 star for the content that is professionally written.

Don’ts of the Site

You should never share personal information such as email or mobile number with the writer or ask for his/hers. If you do so, both of you or one of you would be blocked from the site.